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A copywriting agency for coaches, service-providers, + local businesses


From Sales Copy to Monthly Content…we’ve got ya’ covered.

This ain’t your first rodeo…so, I won’t waste your time with some cliché copy that makes your eyes glaze over like a Krispy Kreme donut fresh out of the oven.

If ya’ want to connect…I’m down.

There are 3 ways to do that!

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If you want a no-fluff deep dive into the truth behind entrepreneurship, then you should hop on over to iTunes and give the show a listen. I interview all the cool kids, get them to spill their guts about business, then teach you a few things.



This ain’t your momma’s Facebook group. I do weekly live trainings to help you grow a sustainable business while serving your people well. No fluff. No sales posts disguised as “teaching posts”. Just honest conversations about how to grow a business that makes a difference.



I can whip up some killer sales copy, have my team write your blogs and emails, or give you an airtight content marketing strategy that will help you make it rain Benji’s. If you’re the real deal, have a proven concept, and are ready to SCALE your biz…hit us up!

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...which is why you need to cut through the noise and stand out like Elle Woods at Harvard! So grab your hot pink heels, your version of Bruiser, and practice your bend n' snap... because you dear, are about to become valedictorian of money-making university! 

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I’m Danielle.

Basic to the core, I love all things Target, Starbucks, Monograms, and Legally Blonde. 

A NYC girl, born and raised, I shoot straight and get to the point 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I am "bless her heart" sweet... a result of years spent living in the south.

I'm kind of obsessed with helping legit pros, with real solutions book more clients so they can help more people..


Because, you're the real Slim Shady, and it's time for you to stand up, metaphorically speaking that is. 


With copy + content that has your dream clients running to you like #basicgirls run to the nearest Starbucks on #pumpkinspiceday!

And if ya' need some in-depth coaching and an airtight content strategy - I gotchu' there too, boo!

You’re in the right place, if your superpower is getting results for your peeps. My team and I will whip up the personality driven words you need to communicate why you’re their VERY BEST option.

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Ways to work with me

I am NOT like other copywriters…

Words aren’t my thing…people are.

I am far from a word nerd.

I’m a psychology, human behavior nerd.

So, if you’re into personality driven copy that breaks the mold, but does its job, let’s chat.

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I am not a huge course fan, but I know not everyone can afford to hire a copywriter. I also know that there is nothing that will tank a business faster than crappy copy. So…this is my way of helping you get things sorted out so you can make more sales and have just enough copy knowledge to be dangerous!

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You are a mover and shaker ready to crush your next launch, create an evergreen funnel, or slay the email marketing game. You are a life changer and a busy one at that. You understand that time is money, so handing off copy and content creation is a no-brainer for ya’! If that sounds like you, then I gotchu’ girl. Let’s get you some funky-fresh copy that’s as fun as it is converty.

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There is NOTHING I love more than diving into your current business: offers, revenue, goals and all, to help you craft a clear plan forward. My quarterly strategy days are absolute game-changers for go-getting business owners who believe that content is king, and service is the best way to sell.


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Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach Coaching + Give Her Courage

“No fluff, no wasted time simply COPY that CONVERTS Danielle and the team at Basic Girl Marketing are the equivalent of having a world class copywriter on demand and in your back pocket. After working with Danielle and the team on our very first project we knew we had found a a profitable asset and partner to grow our business-for life!


Natalie Gingrich

The Ops Authority

“I have followed Danielle for years. I recently listened to a podcast where she discussed her continuous learning. It was the stimulus to hiring her because it was apparent that she is passionate about mastering her skill. She showed up well prepared and ready to work. In one day, she successfully articulated my tone and personality onto SEVENTEEN emails for 2 segments of my list for an upcoming launch. It's not just the volume that is incredible - it's the writing, too! Totally impressed and will be using her as a resource for conversion copy again...and again!


Olga LaCroix

Olga’s Way

“have worked with several copy-writers and I was at the point of giving up because I did not feel any of them were actually capturing my ideas and work properly. Danielle and I spoke for 20 min max and a few hours later I had the most comprehensive and accurate write up describing what I do. It was so exciting to have someone finally get my point across. I sincerely recommend her as she is excellent writer and listener. She asks the right questions for her to get to the point. Loved, working with her and will continue to do so.


Lisa Simone Richards

Lisa Simone Richards

"As a total Type-A control freak, the idea of having someone write my copy was a really big stretch for me. But I knew that my strength is to coach on publicity, not write sales pages and email sequences. Just three lines into reading her copy, I was like "Um, did I write this? Or no? Because it's exactly what I would say..." Danielle knows how to copy a voice, and 10X its potential!


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