Episode 48 - How to Choose the Right Business Coach


Listen if there is one thing in this world I am SO OVER...it's the online business coach culture.

Everyone and their momma is a business coach...even if they've never run a business...seen a business...heard of a business...or had a dang job. 

They tell you all you need to do is "charge your worth" and remove the money blocks in your life. 

They have module on module about how to think...

And they have zero high-level strategy. 

I am also tired of people charging INSANE amounts of money for programs that have nothing that focuses on long-term business success. They want quick wins for you...because that looks good in a screen shot...but they don't help you build something that will last. 

Y'all...I'm here to help you out (and NO, I am NOT selling a coaching program).

I did a Facebook live a few weeks ago about how to choose a business coach. People seemed to really like it...so I turned it into a podcast. 


Because too many people are being taken advantage of.

Too many people feel left out of the cool kid's party.

Too many people are building short term businesses and will be lost when the going gets tough.

I wholeheartedly believe you need a business coach...I've had one since the beginning of my business days. I also believe the growth of your business is on you. But, having the right coach in your corner can do wonders for the growth of your business. 

So...you are going to want to listen to this episode whether you are in a coaching relationship, looking for a coach, or know you might need one someday.

I'm breaking it all down for you - what you should be looking for, what are the red flags, and how to make the best decision possible for your business.

This is one you are going to want to share...so don't forget to screenshot it and tag me to let me know whatcha' think!


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Don't have time to listen? Want to read the transcript? Here you go:

How to Choose the Right Business Coach Podcast Episode 48

Welcome to The Basic Girl Marketing podcast where we talk business and marketing strategy for the legit business owners out there in a world full of influencers. I want to help you stand out is the go-to authority in your industry so you can take your business to the next level and build a thriving. I'm going to interview all kinds of guests. We're going to share their journey and a ton of practical tips for you to implement today. So let's get to it. 


My episode today is actually a Facebook live that I did a couple of weeks ago, walking you through how to choose a business coach, why you should choose a business coach and what to avoid when hiring a business coach. So it got a lot of interaction and people really seem to like it and it seems like some content that people really needed to hear as they are choosing who to invest their time and money with in terms of business coaching. So hope you find this valuable, get some great takeaways. And here's my Facebook live. 


Hey guys, Danielle here and today I'm talking about how to choose the right business coach. And quite honestly, I'm talking about this because I really, really, really want to help you guys find the right people to grow your business. I'm not a business coach. I am a copywriter. I am not doing business coaching. I have just seen so many things that I am concerned with and just want to help you guys really make informed decisions about how to choose a coach and I have worked with three so far that have been legit and just real deal  and helped me to take my business to the next level at different seasons of my life. And so I want to help you do the same. 


I'm going to talk about some things to look out for. I'm going to talk about how to find the right business coach, and first I want to talk about whether or not you really need someone to help you as you are growing your business and when a good time for that is. And so I think there are all different seasons of your life where you will need to get mentoring from someone who's just a little bit further ahead of you or maybe a lot further ahead of you. And the reason that we need to do this, as we often get too close to our own business, we're often too head down in the details to really see the big picture.


But we typically get stuck in our own overthinking, and I'm not a huge over-thinker, but I know that even I can get totally stuck in overthinking things when it comes to business. And  I want to encourage you that when you are at that point in your business to really consider hiring someone, whether it is a one to one coach, a group coaching program, a mastermind of some sorts, really look at getting someone to keep you accountable and to help you know your next step. Because if you don't, then you're going to just stay stuck and you're going to stay in your own head. And so I want to help you figure out how to find the right person to move you forward. So let's talk about this because we live in a world where anyone can literally put together a website or most people don't even have websites anymore. They just hop on Facebook. Say, I sold five thousand dollars in one day and now they're your business coach. And people are forking over lots of money to these people who say these things. And I won't say that they're getting scammed, but they're certainly not getting their money's worth. And I know that that is frustrating, especially when it's a big investment on your part. I also knew that it's super frustrating when you don't know who to trust when you are not sure who's telling the truth, when you are not sure who the real deal is. And so I want to help you kind of process through some things to look for as you're choosing a coach. At the end. I've got recommendations, more than one. It depends on your situation and where you are and what you need. But there are some fantastic coaches out there.


There are some people who are real who are going to actually help you take your business to the next level and they're going to actually do it in a way that is ethical and that she feel aligned with. Don't get discouraged because there are people out there and so, and I've had three really good experiences with coaches, at totally different price points. So I want to let you know that it's possible. It is a wise investment for your business and you should just go into it with some intentions, some intentionality. So how do you choose your business coach? So the first thing I'm going to tell you is to watch their free content. And there's a lot of people today who say, don't give away your stuff for free. They just want to post one post and then they'll get every, everybody, you know, paying attention to them and sell out their programs.


Here's the deal. I will not give anyone my money until I have watched a ton of their content, whether that's Facebook lives, whether that's how they interact in a group, whether I listened to their podcasts. I need to know that this person knows stuff about business, not just shiny marketing because so many people today just have some good marketing and they have no real meat behind what they're teaching. There was no strategy. There is no actual actionable steps. They're just saying they got all this money and then they're going to show you how and when you get into working with them, you realize there's no steps are going to tell you to change your mindset and while these things in your left, they're stuck. And so if somebody doesn't have a lot of free content, that's a red flag to me. If they're not putting out value, if they're not putting out podcasts or blogs or Facebook lives or youtube videos, if they're not doing that on a consistent basis, I probably won't even pay attention to them because I don't know that they're really an expert.


And as you're watching or listening to their free stuff, what I want you to do is I want you to pay attention to what they're actually teaching. Are they just kind of glossing over strategy and going right to a sale or they just talking about client wins and never giving you any actual tactics? If that's how they're coming at you with a free content basis, then back away. You want to know that this person can actually get on the phone with you, get on a zoom call and say, okay, Danielle, here's your business. Let's go from there. The way you're going to know that is if they're putting out valuable content that's actionable and tactical for free. If they're not, then find another coach, because I can tell you that the two that I paid a lot of money for, I watched them for a long time.


They both had podcasts, longstanding podcasts that I listened to you for a long time. I knew that the free content they gave was so strategic, so tactical and so legit that their paid content must be amazing - and it was. So, I want to really encourage you to do that due diligence and checking them out. Don't just fall for a couple of great shiny posts that say, I'll help you make this much money in as much time. Okay, so that's number one. Do they have valuable free concerts they're putting out on a regular basis? 


Number two, do they run their business the way you want to run your business? If you never want to run a lot of business on live video and they're always on live video, then they're probably not the coach for you too. Do they care all about passive income and creating courses and memberships and you never do that?


If that's the case and they're not the coach for you, because even though they might be fantastic and strategic and tactical and real deal, if they're doing their business the way that you know you never want to run your business, then it's not going to benefit you to work with them because they're going to teach you their strategies. They're going to teach you their tactics. They're going to teach you how to build a business the way they did, and so you need to make sure that you're comfortable with how they are running their business because likely, yes, there'll be some variation obviously, but likely if there's someone who's running their business fully online on social media, and that's not how you want to run your business, then that's what they're going to be teaching. That's how they're going to be coaching you. You want to make sure you find someone who is more in line with how you want to run your business. So that's number two. 


Number three, do they have proven success over time, and I'm going to ruffle some feathers here. I already know it. I can hear it from every coach out there, but do they have a business that has stood the test of time? Did they just show up yesterday and say they made some sales. The two women that have coached me most recently have been in business over a decade over like hands down before the Internet, before social media, these women were running businesses that were highly successful and they weren't social media marketers. They were people who were business owners who learned to use social media to grow a business, look at their track record. This is something that I am just shocked by and I, it's not that I don't think someone who hasn't run a business can teach, I certainly do, but can they teach the timeless principles of business if they haven't had this stand the test of time?


I don't know. I don't think so. I want to learn from someone who's been there, done that and done it through seasons where the Facebook algorithm was easy, it was hard and the ads worked and they didn't work and they've learned to adjust because they have built a firm foundation. And so look at your person. There are people out there who maybe they were in the corporate world for years and then they transitioned into business. Maybe they own a brick and mortar and they transitioned into business. Or maybe they've been in the online space for 10 years. Maybe they were a blogger back in the day who built this massive empire from their blog that they started years ago. Really, really dig in. Have they stood the test of time because you want to learn from someone who's got timeless principles, not just you know, fancy new strategy that's going to come and go because I'm going to tell you all the strategies that you're learning today on Facebook and Instagram will change.


They are going to be different in a few years. They're going to be different in a few months and you know this. Every time you master the algorithm and you figured out it changes and you cannot cling to these strategies, you have to be committed to a business and running a business model that you feel comfortable with and then learning to market and sell regardless of the platform because you need to be able to do that when the algorithm is friendly and when it's not friendly. So look for someone who's done that over time. That was a big determining factor for me and being able to commit to a coaching a program with my two last coaches and actually my very first coach, they had built businesses themselves and they built businesses that we're in place for years and they weren't, two of them didn't build their businesses first online.


My first one was a personal trainer. She built a personal training business and then she moved it online. My second one had to dance studios and built her business completely offline for years and then moved it like started marketing and online and then started coaching online business centers. They had businesses before that weren't online and that's okay because the business principles are business principles and that's what you want in a coach.


Number four do they have the same mentality that you do? Do they run their business the way you want to run their business? Lead with service. If you're someone who's all about serving and having a business that is about serving to the person that you hire as the coach care about serving, do they want to give back? Is that something that's of value to you? Because like I chose somebody that cared about giving back because I know that what I'm building, I have some kind of nonprofit foundation plans in the next five years, so I want to see somebody who's building their business that way as well because I want to grow a business so that I can do this other thing.


That was a big factor in who I chose to work with this go around. Do they have the same mentality as you when it comes to sales? Are they pushy or they get after it no matter what the person says and how they feel about it? Do what you gotta do to get the sale or are they coming from a place of service? Are they a cold caller or are they a content marketer? You've got to figure out how they're going to guide you because you don't want to get in a situation where you're forking over a couple thousand dollars a month sometimes for these coaches and you don't feel good about the way they're teaching you to further your business or if you have this goal over here and they're leading you all the way over here, so make sure they have the same mentality for their business, that it doesn't have to be the same exact end goal.


It doesn't have to be the same purpose, but I don't want a business coach is all about a flashing Lamborghini in a jet. That is not who I want to work with. That is not why I want the business. I don't want to earn millions of dollars just to say I've earned millions of dollars and I will never give money to a coach who's about that. The three coaches I've hired have been moms. They have been in committed and marriages. They have juggled a business while being a wife and a mom. They have given back in massive ways, and they run their business around a lifestyle that they feel is not just about money and not just about having nice things. And you might be someone who wants Lamborghini, he wants a jet. Find a coach who's going to get you there. Make sure you're in alignment with how they are thinking.


Okay? Then I want you to think about are they gonna provide accountability? One of the most important things, you know this, if you're a weight loss coach -  I've got a new copywriting mentorship, and as I'm thinking about what it looks like, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is without feedback and direction, there's really no growth, right? So when you're in a fitness program, if you don't have daily accountability, you're not gonna make progress, right? At least at first. If you hire a personal trainer who just sits on the side, on their phone and you're at the gym working out, you have no feedback, you're not going to keep working.  


As a teacher, when I'm looking at this copywriting mentorship that I've just created, everyone, there's a ton of copywriting courses out there that is, there's no shortage of those, but there's no one out there who's saying, Hey, I'm going to give you an assignment. You're going to turn it into me. I'm going to give you feedback, I'm going to grade it, and I'm going to give it back to you so that you can make changes. You know why I know that? Because I've spent 12 years teaching high schoolers and let me assure you, you could teach till you're blue in the face and they will not get it until they see a paper with a grade and all the edits that I made. Then they make the revision, and that's when they learn. That's when they grow. 


And as a business owner, you need that. You need someone who's gonna say, okay, let's talk about your plan. Here's your plan. And then you need somebody who's going to say, okay, well did you do this? Okay, well you did this. Tell me what happened. Okay, so you did this, you got on the call. Here's what the person said, here's what you could've done differently or that didn’t really work out, let's try this instead. Or that really worked, let's put some, you know, oomph behind it and make it bigger. 


You want somebody who's going to consistently give you the guidance and the immediate feedback you need to grow and just like that is super, super critical in the classroom. It is super, super critical in your business as well, so make sure that there's some sort of accountability that you are going to get with this coaching because there's a lot of coaching programs out there where it's just so hands off and quite honestly you don't want a coach who is hands off. You want somebody who is going to be in your business. That's why you're hiring a coach. That's what it's about. So make sure that you're doing that in a way that makes sense for you.


It doesn't need to be an every week call.  The program that I am in right now, it's, I get a once a month accountability call. I have a Facebook group where I learn and do all these different things and I am able to ask questions. So there's a lot of built in accountability, but it's not like I don't get a call every week and that's fine. So you've got your accountability. 


The other thing, this is kind of a little bit different, but I want you to think about do they coach other people you want to network with? I think there is value in putting yourself with people that are at a higher level than you. I think there's value of putting yourself in a room with people who serve the same audiences you do. Think about it. Are these people that you would want to be your clients or these people that you would want to collaborate with to bring to your clients?


Are they coaching other people that you think, man, I would love to just be in a room with that crew because you want to not only have the benefit of learning from that coach, you want to have the network and the ability to learn from the other people in the group because they're all going to have different perspectives, so make sure that they are connected to other people, that you might want to be connected to you because that's how we grow. It's by building our network and by learning from those maybe in slightly different fields than us, not in the exact same industry as us and by hearing other people get coached. Both of the programs I've been in have been group programs and it's great. I learned just as much when I'm getting coached, like in my hot seat as when they're getting coached or when other people are getting coached and the questions that they're asking are a little bit different because maybe their businesses a little bit different, but it really helps me to figure out, well, what have I want for that in my business?


So the value of having connections to other people through your coach is invaluable because it's not just networking, it's not just building your reach and your audience, but it's learning from other people and that is just massive value. 


Okay. I want you to take note of a couple of things to be wary of. Okay. So there's definitely things in the online world that suck. I did not know that existed, but they do. And I'm sorry, some of you may have invested in something that you just didn't feel it was worth it. Some of you may have invested in something that somebody totally scammed you out of money. I know that's happened before. Some of you may have invested in something that you thought was really strategic and tactical and it ended up being fluff and all this emotion. And there's a lot of big names out there that do that unfortunately.


And that's why I wanted to do this. Quite honestly. Like I'm not gaining anything from this. I just wanted to let you know that you can go into this with a little bit more intentionality and find a great coach. So a couple things to be wary of. If it's too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true. So if they are only talking about 10k days and 90k days, and my client made you know, a sale, I see this constantly. This makes you want to lose my mind. My client just brought in two new clients, that's $15,000 what they don't tell you is that that is $15,000 spread out over a year in payments. So that's really like a co a few hundred dollars a month. Or they'll say, you know, So-and-so just had, my client just had a 25k launch, but they don't tell you say spent 24k in Facebook ads or 24k on this coach who just taught them how to do this one thing and make $1,000.  If they're promising things that seem too quick, too easy, too simple, then they probably are. I'm kind of learning business is not complicated, but it's also not easy. So there's a lot of hard work. It's super challenging, but it's not complicated. If you can understand the basics, then you can grow a business. But if someone's promising something that just sounds like it's perfect and it's easy and it's going to be quick and overnight run, I'm telling y'all run. I know that desire in you just wants to grow your business and wants to do it fast and quick and make it so simple. But I promise you that you will find yourself really disillusioned. It's just not that easy. 


Cassie that I got scammed for real by someone who is supposed to help me grow my IG. She got her payment and yes, but what she advertised was too good to be true, Cassie. That totally sucks. I have heard that countless times before. And again, if somebody is not being real and telling you, hey, this is gonna take a long time, this is going to be some work. You're gonna have to show up. You're going to do the work, just run away. There are plenty of good coaches out there who are going to tell you the truth, so make sure that you are investing in those people. Okay? 


Number two, I kind of talked about this a little bit, but be wary of someone who doesn't really talk strategy in their free content. And if you're doing a call, like if you're going to do a discovery call with them, I want you to ask really, really specific questions. 


  • What types of strategy do you use?

  • What are you teaching your clients to do in terms of getting new leads?

  • What are you teaching your clients in terms of sales?

  • How do you expect your clients to make sales?

  • How do you help your clients set goals?

  • What types of daily activities are you encouraging your clients to build on?


Get down and dirty in the strategy because it is very easy for someone who has mastered the art of selling to get on a call with you,  say all the things you want them to say, never give you any real meat and get the sale from you. And they don't have anything to back it up. They have a whole lot of great social media. They've got a whole lot of great good feeling stuff on the phone. And when you sign up and pay them their money, they're going to show up, but they're not going to have any real strategies.


So when you get on those calls, you need to ask hard questions about what types of strategy are you actually going to teach me? What do you ask them? Here's my business, here's what it looks like. What do you see as being a possibility? Obviously don't expect them to coach you right there, but ask them what types of strategies and tactics do you think my business needs right now? Because if you can't get it on the phone with them, you're not going to get it when they’re coaching you. So make sure you're asking those types of questions. 


The other thing I'd be wary of, and some people are any amount at this. If someone's brand new, I'm okay with that. Everyone starts somewhere and they might really be fantastic, but if they're brand new charging premium prices, they're charging you 1000 bucks a month, 1500 a month, $20,000 for a package, and they have been a coach for four months.


Don't do it because you, there's just no way that that value is ever going to be made up in your mind. Fine. If now, if they'd been coaching for years, if they have literally helped people reach million dollar marks and they have been proven to grow their own million dollar businesses and they're charging 15  or 2000 a month, by all means do it. 


But if you are new and you're just starting out and you're trying to find somebody who's just a little bit further ahead of you and they're charging these thousand, two thousand, five thousand, ten thousand dollar prices, to me that just seems a little strange. If they're at a point where they can charge pricing of someone who's been in this for years and feel confident in that. So I would want to have somebody who's either super experienced if they're charging that for someone who is newer, but they're charging a newer rate when it comes to their coaching services.


And then the other thing I want you to be mindful of is if they're all mindset and no strategy, I wouldn't pay for that. I think mindset is important. I think to grow a business, you need to deal with your mindset 100% your coach should talk about that, but if that's all they are and you want a business coach, someone who's going to grow your business and you've got to look for someone who's got real strategy and that's a hill I’m willing to die in, I will never give my money to someone who hasn't shown me real tactical strategy. It might not be a hill to you and you’re willing to die and that's cool. But for me, when somebody comes to me and says, Danielle should ideas person and I watched their stuff and they're all mindset and they're all at belief manifest and all that stuff, no, I would never get money to that.


If they're up there talking about, here's how I bring a lead from social media and into the dms and into a sale, I love that. If they're going to tell you how to land podcasts, interviews and bring that and funnel them into your sales funnel, love it. If they're going to talk about how to show up on live video, understanding your ideal client and sell from video. Love it. If they're just going to tell you it's all in your brain, it is in your brain. There's a lot of business. It's all up in your head, but you also have to have strategy. It's not just, it's not just mindset. So for me, I'm going to run from someone who’s not got proven practical strategy. 


All right, so I hope you found that helpful. Honestly, I just, I don't want y'all to make a bad investment because I know that like when you're in the beginning stages or when you're in a stage where you're growing, it's just those pennies count.


I mean, even when you've got a really healthy, big thriving business when you feel like you've just thrown money away, that could have been used differently in your business. It's just a sucky feeling and I don't want you guys to have that. I want you guys to learn from people who are great. Like I've said, I know a handful of great coaches. I'm in a program now that I am literally blown away by how unbelievable the value is for what I'm paying, like truly.  So for me to say that that is no lie. Like I am blown away by the value of this program.


I was in a program for six months that again, I thought the value was incredible for the amount of money when I started out. This coach doesn't do it anymore, but she was $189 a month and she met with me three times a month and she changed my business completely.


So I can point you to the couple of people who do group coaching. I can point you to some people who do masterminds. I can point you to people who do one on one coaching. Message me. I would love for you to message me because there's some great people out there and I totally think this is an investment worth investing in for your business. But I don't want you to do it in an informed way. So if I can point you in the direction of some people who are fantastic, I would really, really love to do it. These are all people that are, that have strategy, that are the real deal that are going to show up and show up for you. 


The one thing I want to say, when you are looking at a coach, you need to know that you're going to have to do the work. Hiring a coach is not a magic band aid. It doesn't mean that you're all of a sudden going to have this magical business just because you handed someone over some money, you're only going to grow as much as you do the work. You can have the best coach in the world if you don't show up and do the work, it doesn’t matter. As a trainer, you could have the best workouts, the best nutrition. If you go and eat ice cream and bon bons and never get off the couch, it doesn't matter how good your trainer is because you're not doing it. So please know that while I say all of this about choosing a coach, it's on you to do what the coach is teaching you. It's on you to make sure that you're implementing. 


Cause I've been on the other end - I didn't coach business for doing some marketing strategy and I'd get on the phone and somebody would say, well I didn't do anything that we talked about last week. And then you're like, well I don't know. Like I don't know what else. I can't give you more because you didn't do what we already talked about and we can't build on that. So you've got to show up for your coaching. And I think that when you invest in the right person, you want to show up and you're encouraged to show up. And so please, please, please message me. Like I said, I know more than one that are fantastic and I would love, love, love to help you find the right one that is a good fit for you. This program that I’m in now as a year long and again, it is phenomenal. Like legit. I can't believe how like high level the coaching  is and how high touch the program is for the point, for the price point. 


And my last coaching program, it was the same. She's got a little bit of a different offer right now, but I'm happy to talk to you about it and let you know my experience with it. I know a couple of coaches who are phenomenal one on one coaches that I can recommend you. And y'all, this is not like, it's not a specific, I'm going to sell you one thing. So let me know like where are you in your business? What are you looking for? And I'm happy to make a recommendation if I can't, I can't. I mean I don't know everybody and I don't know every situation so I might not be able to, but if I can, I'd love to help you because I am passionate about helping real people build real businesses and not, not just this woo like scam, not real stuff that I just think is flooding the market.


So message me if you need somebody, if not just do your homework, do your homework and you'll be good to go. And I'd love to hear if you have any great coaches that you think are really, really strategic and helpful and able to just take people to the next level in their business because we need to know who the real deal people are. So, if you know any, drop them in the comments, I'd love to be able to refer out more people. 


So, all right y'all, that was super long. Sorry if you stuck around, you're amazing. But I'll be in my group tomorrow night talking about how to get into a position where you're up leveling, how to surround yourself with the right people so that you can take your business to the next level. So join me inside my free group if you aren't there already. It is the well positioned CEO. You can just search Facebook for the well positioned CEO. I'll put it in the comments below as well. All right, y'all talk to you later. Have a good night.


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