Episode 53 - The Reality of Entrepreneurship, Creating Content, and Staying in the Game with Jasmine Star


Ok y'all.

If you're ready for some AMAZING advice today, I gotchu'!

I'm SO excited to bring you the one and only JASMINE STAR!  That's right, Jasmine is here today sharing SO much goodness, you're going to be running for your pen and paper.

In case you're one of the four people who haven't heard of Jasmine, here are are a few facts:

  • She is a wildly successful photographer, business strategist, and the founder of Social Curator.

  • She dropped out of law school to become a photographer when she didn't even own a camera.

  • She has grown her business to multiple 7 figures and has stood the greatest test of all - TIME.

Jasmine is with me today talking entrepreneurship, content creation, and staying in the game.

We're talking about beating the social media algorithms, how much time you should be spending on content creatio, what it means to "hustle" -- and so much MORE.

Here are a few quotes from Jasmine today:

"At the end of the day, if you want to grow - put out valuable content"

"The algorithm isn't out to get you - it's out to FIND you"

"Smother them with valuable content"

"I will not ever back away and make it look or feel like I am having a 4-hour workweek"

"When you're hustling for something you love, and there's purpose and passion and drive, yes you're working but it's a really amazing thing!"

You guys know me... I'm SO OVER all the nonsense going on in the online community these days. That's why I have such a massive amount of respect for Jasmine. 

She's the real deal.  I've been following her for years. She's here today bringing you tough - yet crystal clear words of wisdom that you NEED to hear to take your business to the next level and hang in there for the long run.

If you don't get a fire lit under you after this episode then what are you doing with your life homie?

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