Episode 65 - Finding Your Niche, Building an Agency, and Pitching Podcasts to Grow Your Business


Finding your niche.  It's something that online business owners hear ALL of the time.  But, is it really that important?

In the beginning, maybe not.  But if you're looking to scale, it sure is!


I'm sure you've heard the phrase "When you sell to everyone, you're selling to no one" and that is why it's important to get really specific on who you serve.


My guest today, Jessica Rhodes, has been through all of this as she's grown her business.  She now runs a super successful agency called Interview Connections, which helps find business owners podcasts to be on as well as find guests for their own podcast! 


It's really a brilliant idea - and a SUPER specific niche.  She's been able to scale her business, take on a business partner, grow an agency and more.


Connecting business owners with podcasts to be on is really such an amazing service.  Getting on podcasts is publicity that will help you grow your business, help people connect with you in a personal way, and put your product or service in the spotlight.


Podcasts are where it's at, ya'll - you KNOW I love my podcast and all of the amazing people I've been able to connect with and connect YOU with. 


So, listen to this episode, and take some notes - because Jessica gives some really specific and usable advice about starting a podcast and finding podcasts to be on!


Come find me on IG and let me know what your takeaways are from this episode!  Are you going to start a podcast?  If you don't have a podcast, are you going to look for some to be on?  Let me know!


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