4 Pieces to the Marketing Puzzle


“It just didn’t work!”, said every business owner out there, after halfway trying a tactic or strategy for about two days without any immediate results.

The truth of the matter is that MOST strategies will MOSTLY work if they are done as part of a comprehensive content plan. The problem is that in today’s quick win online market, everyone is looking for the ONE magic bullet that is going to skyrocket their success and make them millions.

STOP looking for the magic bullet people!

There is no ONE thing that will catapult you to millions. However, when you work within an overall ecosystem of valuable content...you will see maximum results that LAST.

“Danielle...does that mean I have to create content always and forever? I have no time!”

Well, there are definitely ways to simplify the content process...but...content is the core of your business. If you aren’t putting out valuable content consistently, in a variety of ways...then you won’t be able to scale the way you dream of scaling.  

SO...maybe you need to get some help.

Maybe you need to set up a content workflow.

Maybe you need to rework your schedule.

Whatever the case...you creating content as a service-based business owner with an online marketing strategy, is a non-negotiable.

Ready to do this content creation thing? Sweet. Let’s dive in to the 4 pieces of the content marketing puzzle.  

Piece One of the Marketing Puzzle: Written Content

Written content is obviously ANYTHING you write. Today most of us think this is totally outdated. BUT...it’s not.

We all still read CERTAIN emails.

We all still read CERTAIN Instagram and Facebook posts.

We all still read CERTAIN blogs.

Written content is still important. It’s still relevant. It can still bring in leads. Don’t neglect this piece of the puzzle.

Types of written content:

  • Blogs

  • Social posts

  • Emails

  • DM’s

Why written content is important.

Written content is still important because it truly establishes your authority. It shows that you’ve got two cents, can put them together in a coherent way, and sling a few sentences around the ol’ interwebs. Written content can be viewed in places where audio content and video can’t be...so when people are doing that covert scroll, written content can still be consumed.

Blogs are fantastic for building your SEO, when created and written strategically, and can be great traffic generators when paired with Pinterest. Written social media content gives newbies to your profile the opportunity to binge on your stuff as soon as they click over to your profile!

A well-written email will make someone fall in love with you AND buy from you...all at once.

Written content still matters. It isn’t everything, but it is part of the puzzle. Don’t neglect this piece!

Piece Two of the Marketing Puzzle: Video Content

Before you start whining about how you HATE video...STOP.  

It’s 2019.

This is literally the most powerful FREE tool you have. If you’re serious about growing your business, you will get serious about learning to feel comfortable on video. You don’t have to be Ellen just yet...you simply have to start.  

Types of video content:

    • Live Video on Instagram or Facebook

    • YouTube videos

    • Webinars

    • IG stories

    • IGTV

Why video is critical to growing your business:

In today’s world there is no quicker way to build your know-like-trust factor ONLINE than on video. Video is an immediate way to become a real human on social. It allows people to see your mannerisms, fall in love with your quirks and hear your tone of voice.

It makes you REAL.

Video is your quickest route to building a following that is so obsessed with you and your content that they share it with everyone they know. Yes, video is scary. BUT, it’s a CRITICAL piece of the content marketing puzzle.

Piece Three of the Marketing Puzzle: Audio Content

As people want to consume content more and more on the go, audio content is only going to continue to grow in popularity. So, let’s chat all things audio. 

Types of audio content:

  • Your own podcast

  • Other people’s podcasts

  • Voice messages

  • Audiobooks

  • Quick memos on Alexa/Google home

Why audio content is critical to growing your business:

As mentioned earlier, people want to consume content while their hands and eyes are tied up. Additionally, listening to someone’s voice makes you feel like you know them a whole lot more than just reading something they wrote. Audio builds the know-like-trust factor ALMOST as much as video, as people get to know your tone of voice and what gets you all fired up! People can listen to audio content at almost any time of the day, even when they are doing something else which is most of the time, for most people! Additionally, people listen to multiple types of audio content in a consistent way. So even though the podcast/audiobook world is saturated… you can still build a loyal following if you talk about the things people want to hear. They can listen to your podcast AND hundreds of others. Audio content is a no brainer peeps!

Piece Four of the Marketing Puzzle: Face to Face Networking

Wait what Danielle? You mean people still do stuff in person? UMMM….yeah.

This is your MOST powerful marketing puzzle piece. No, this does not mean you should go knocking on doors selling your service. BUT...it does mean you should start meeting more people face to face, more often.

In-person marketing:

  • Networking events

  • Co-working

  • Speaking

  • Visiting local businesses that could be clients or collaborators to introduce yourself (bringing a small gift doesn’t hurt...hello donuts!)

Why in-person marketing matters:

There is nothing that builds your know-like-trust factor more than in-person marketing.


In person, people can get the whole picture. Your mannerisms, your tone of voice, your style...everything. When you share value with people in person (either through short, quick conversations or in a big group from stage) you truly build authority in the most authentic way possible. When you connect with people in person, invest in getting to know them, and build real relationships they will be far more likely to refer you if they don’t need your services themselves.

In today’s online world, people crave connection more than ever before.

So, go to the events locally and nationally.

Connect with people in complementary fields, connect with your ideal clients, connect with people in fields that have nothing to do with yours.

Getting to know people in person will not only grow your business, but it will grow you as a person and keep you grounded in WHY it is you do what you do.


Because people matter, and if you are in business, the more you can learn to serve people, the more your business will grow. Meeting in-person reminds you about the people out there..the ones behind the scenes. They become more than just a transaction. You market on all platforms from a greater place of authenticity and clarity because you are backed by a strong network of REAL people. In today’s digital world, don’t neglect this one folks!

So my friend...before you toss out the latest, greatest marketing strategy that “didn’t work” I want you to think about two things.  

  1. Did you really do it? Did you go all in? Did you give it time to work? (Don’t worry, I am doing a whole blog about this one right here...stay tuned)

  2. Did you have the other pieces of the puzzle in place?? If not, take stock of which pieces might need some beefing up and get busy.

What are you doing well. What could you improve on? How can you begin to make strides towards a more complete marketing strategy? You don’t have to do it all at once, but you do have to start building now.  

Need some help with your content creation strategy. I am doing 4 VIP intensive content strategy days each month. If you’re interested in booking one of those (in Nashville) email me at danielle@basicgirlmarketing.com for deets on how to get started!

Danielle Cevallos