Feel like you need some magical super power to sell your stuff_ You do. It's called copywriting. (1).png

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The only problem is...

Every time you sit down to write ANY type of sales annnnnyyyyyything...you end up staring at a blank screen wanting to bang your head against a wall for hours. 

You start and stop, type and delete...8 gagillion times.

Your words feel all jumbled up inside your brain and you feel like a fumbling clutz. 

At the end of the day writing sales copy feels like the hardest dang thing in the world.

Seriously... It's harder than trying to get the latest T-Swizzle song out of your head!


But, What if you had...

  • TEMPLATES AND FRAMEWORKS for all kinds of sales copy so you NEVER had to start with a blank screen again?

  • A deep UNDERSTANDING of what makes people buy?

  • A CLEAR MESSAGE that accurately and effectively connects what you do and what your people want?

  • The skillset to write great sales copy so you can SELL MORE STUFF?

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The Prep Work   Before you can write highly converting copy, you need to have all of the prep work done. This takes time, but I promise you it will make your process SO. MUCH. EASIER
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Before you can write highly converting copy, you need to have all of the prep work done. This takes time, but I promise you it will make your process SO. MUCH. EASIER

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Understanding what motivates people to buy and how to coach them through the process of making a purchase is a not-so-secret ingredient all GREAT copywriters have on-hand.  It helps guide every step of the copywriting journey.

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Never stare at a blank page again. I am going to five you ALL. THE. TEMPLATES and frameworks so you always have a starting point. 

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Because, at the heart of great copy is a deep understanding of human nature, effective sales strategy, and clear brand positioning. Learning how to write effective copy will revolutionizer your business!


By giving you the skillset you need to STAND OUT in a crowded market, CONNECT with your people in a non-sleazy way, and CONVERT those people into raving fans who are quite literally obsessed with you!

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In depth videos to walk you step by step through everything you need to know to write money making copy!

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No reason to reinvent the wheel. Steel my swipe files, use my templates, and start with my frameworks to simplify the process every time you sit down to write.

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Get all the support and encouragement you need inside our Facebook community. Pop in with questions, get feedback on your writing, or snag ideas from others in the group.

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I will be reviewing ACTUAL copy you've written on a live call, once a month. This is a fantastic way to get feedback, have your questions answered, and improve your skilzzzzz!

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  • Market Research

    …that will give you the exact words your people are using

  • Psychology of Buying

  • Core Motivators

  • How to write:

    • Opt-in pages

    • Tripwire pages

    • Sales pages

    • Email launch sequences

    • Evergreen funnels

    • Social Media posts

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Prep Your Launch Masterclass

Want a simple process to help you plan your content 12 weeks out from your launch? This masterclass will walk you through how to plan out your content prior to a launch, so people are ready to hit buy before your cart opens

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Email Nurture Sequence Template

Nurturing new leads is CRITICAL to your success as an online business owner. Use my 5 email nurture sequence template to turn new cold leads...aka...strangers, into raving, paying clients! This template is plug and play and ready to be loaded into your email service provider!

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FB Ad Copy Masterclass with Stephanie Euler of Kelly Roach Coaching

Getting cold leads through Facebook ads is ONLY as good as your ad copy. So…I am bringing in an expert, who’s been running ads for Kelly Roach coaching, tweaking and perfecting the process. Stephanie is going to share the different types of ad copy you can write to bring new people into your content ecosystem!




... is NOT something you can run away from if you want to actually make money in your online business.  Sure you can hire someone like me to write copy FOR you, but that’s going to cost a pretty penny. PLUS...you need to know what goes into AMAZING copy, even if you're going to hire it out, since it really is just GOOD sales and marketing principles wrapped up into some fancy-schmancy, high-converty words.

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Angela Tran

Owner and CEO of Med-Fit

I took Danielle’s Copywriting Mentorship course because I was feeling very clueless about what to write for my sales copy and knew I was leaving a ton of money on the table by not doing it effectively. I am so amazed by Danielle’s teachings and her A to Z process that took me from overwhelmed to crystal clear on what to write that SELLS. Copywriting has always been an underutilized skillset and I feel so much more confident writing copy for landing pages and sales emails without having to spend so much money on someone else to write them when I’m the one that knows my business the most.


Kristi Monte

VA For a Day, Team Jasmine Star

Danielle's curriculum has been jam-packed with everything I need to know about copywriting for my business. Since implementing her strategies and adjusting my work based on her welcome feedback, I've sold out my programs and increased the open rate on my email list to over 50%!! Danielle is thorough, patient, and so much fun to learn from. I cannot recommend this course enough!!

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Paige Wright

Team Jasmine Star

I always struggled to know what to write or where to even begin! It would take me all day staring at my screen and then once I was done I would second guess everything I did. As someone who had no real idea what she was doing, Danielle's course brought so much insight on what approaches to use but more importantly why! I now know how to speak to my ideal client and spark natural conversations that convert. She laid such a great foundation and mindset that I can now use when approaching all of my copywriting. Plus she is the sweetest, most encouraging and fun person to learn from!

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I’ve been a copywriter for about three years. My blogging days landed me a job at a digital marketing agency. It was there that I cut my teeth writing copy -aka- ALL. THE. THINGS. for female entrepreneurs running their businesses online. What started out as using my writing chops (thanks AP English) to make some money, has turned into a full-time gig. I’ve since honed my skills with lots of studying (Copyhackers style) and hundreds of hours writing for clients...just like you. 


What REALLY makes me qualified to teach you is the fact that I spent 12 years in a classroom, teaching students with learning disabilities how to read and write.

TRUST me...if I can do that, then you can rest assured your copywriting skills are in good hands. 

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Well, this course will help you kick that belief to the curb, put your big girl/boy panties on, and write some legit copy that converts. I am not saying this course will make you a professional copywriter, but it will give you what you need to start seeing conversions from YOUR words! Words That Make Bank will work for you EVEN IF you hate writing. 


Well then...you don’t have time to grow your business. At the end of the day, there is NOTHING more critical to the growth of your business than good copy. So….if you don’t have time to learn this skill then I hope you have TONS AND TONS of money to pay a copywriter to write EVERYTHING for you. Module one will take you about 5-8 hours which includes the activities and watching the videos. Module 2 won't take you very long (it's just videos), and module 3 is where you will find all of your templates, frameworks, and samples with videos walking you through them. SO...those can be gone through all at once, or when you are ready to write. This course is EXACTLY what you need, EVEN IF you don’t think you have the time.

3. WHAT IF I SELL A PRODUCT (and don't really launch)!

That’s cool. The foundational elements of copy are the same regardless of whether you are launching or not. Those same principles also apply to selling physical products and will work whether you solve a problem or provide a luxury offer. This course is going to walk you through those elements and teach you how to put them into practice, regardless of your business model. This course will help you make bank, EVEN IF you don’t launch or sell a digital offer. 


You will have lifetime access to the course and will get all future updates!


I offer a full do-the-work-refund if you are not satisfied with the course. If you ask for a refund, I will ask to see your work from module 1 as proof, and then we will go from there!


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You can pretend like you didn’t read this page. Like you don’t know I exist. Like your current copy is bringing in the Benji’s (even though we both know there have been LOTS of crickets chirping around)


Google university is pretty legit, but let’s be real - it takes time, and a whole lot of patience. Two things you don’t have much of right now. PLUS who freakin’ knows who to listen to, which strategies work, and what to implement? This is 100% better than doing nothing, but still isn’t your best option.


You knew that was coming, right? This course is the exact process I go through when writing launch copy for my clients. It is also what I use in my own business. This course will save you time, MONEY, and give you the exact skills you need to make bank without the stress. 


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